Our history

Our History

“Inermat” JSC - Stara Zagora is a successor of the state company "Inermat" EAD, which is in а procedure of concession of its quarries "Bratia Kunchevi" and "Zimnica" since 1997.

The  andesite tuffs at the quarry "Bratia Kunchevi" are researched and tested for the first time with approved reserves of 11 million m3 in 1961/62. 

Based on these reserves a Crushing – Washing – Sorting instalation “Bratia Kunchevi” for the production of crushed stone for conctete, road surface and railway tracks was built in 1966 and later in 1972 a new geological study had been carried out with the purpose of approving new reserves.

There had been additional geological studies in 1982/83 to clarify the qualitative characteristics of the raw material and re-categorization of the reserves was carried out that eventually reached 48 million m3.

Already in 1952 geological studies had been carried out in the terrace of the Tundzha River in the area from the Yagoda village to Zimnica village for the puporose of proving reserves of river sand and gravel. The quarry "Zimnica" had been studied in 1963 at the stage of a searching in a wider area and in 1969 a Crushing – Washing – Sorting Instalation near Shanovo village was built for  the purpose of satisfying the needs for river sand and gravel of the industrial and residential building in the town of Stara Zagora and the region.In 1975 an extension was carried out with another production line, which further increased the annual productivity of river sand and gravel. The studies had been continued in 1972/73 and 1982/83 and this way the three sections of the quarry had been formed from Zimniza village to the west.

On June 30th 2006 contracts for granting a concession for underground natural resources - construction materials have been signed. The quarry of "Bratia Kunchevi" and the quarry of "Zimnica" are in the cadastre of the quarries for construction materials and their reserves have been approved at the National balance of reserves and resources of the Republic of Bulgaria